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Belinda Williams is a multi-faceted designer and craftsperson. Her graphic design background is evident in her artwork where she blends iconic graphics with bold colours on traditional textures and fabrics.


She is guided by the aesthetic of assemblage art, a revisioning of Bauhaus modernism and the principles of environmentalism. She uses found materials such as recycled upholstery, rubber, glass and reclaimed leather. ​

"We're animals, and yet so much of modernism had us striving to create the illusion of perfection through industrial design." says Williams, before sipping genmaicha from a mason jar.

"I believe there is still wonder to be reclaimed from the millions of functional objects we use and take for granted in our everyday lives."

The continuous reconfiguration of those industrial design elements is the key for Williams.

"Take, say, the mold for this plastic water bottle - drop it into the new context, the unique craft-object, and we are awakened into the secret beauties hidden in industrial reproduction, the mysterious achievements of homo faber".

Vancouver artist and designer Belinda Williams

Belinda Williams was already illustrating and painting as a child. At the age of five she began drawing caricatures of her unsuspecting family and was soon introduced to watercolours and pottery by her grandmother and aunt.

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